Friends with your Boss?

Being buddies with your boss… this concept has always fascinated me. I mean, is it really possible to really and truly be friends with your superior?

Personally, I have never done this– I mean sure, I have had employers that I really liked and respected and even went out for some drinks and such after hours, but I never held them in the same regard as an entrusted friend.
It’s just something odd about being amigos with someone who has power over you and can implement that authority at any time.
Sure, they may seem like the coolest and laid back person you’ve ever met, but you still have to exercise some semblance of professionalism.

The last thing I want to hear are the detailed grievances of my employer’s private life such as domestic issues, political and religious views, conspiracy theories (long story) etc. I’m also not interested in divulging too much of my private life to them either because it would inevitably lead up to a rather awkward working condition. Ignorance would definitely be valued commodity in this situation.

Having said that, I think it is very possible to have a great, friendly working relationship with your superiors, I have had such relationships in the past, but I have always maintained that fine line.

That’s my view however… has anyone else successfully managed to truly be friends with their boss?

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